Your Next Password Might Just be Poop

Experts have decided that Emoji are easier to remember than letters or numbers and some crazy developers have created an application that will assign an Emoji Sequence as your PIN – Personal Identification Number. No word yet to indicate that the abbreviation might change to PIE – Personal Identification Emoji


Using emojis could well be a method of getting the remaining few stragglers on to online banking. In the US where there is a slower adoption, security and password fears make up part of the reason why people resist.
But is the emoji really the answer? Given the high rate of visual recall, we could be led to believe that this could end the blight of password resets, after all who could forget a smiling poo? However the problem for emojis lies in whether this is a feasible move for online authentication. – WorldPay

How would you feel about using Emoji as a passcode?


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