The Emoji Move Trailer is out and it is way better than the Teaser – Wanna See?

The Emoji are starring in their own movie and it’s kinda meh.

The Emoji Movie is going to be pretty interesting and if the trailer is any indication, it’s like “Wreck-it Ralph” meets The Matrix but, with poop. Get to know the Meh family and everyone else in “Textopolis”,   the land that only exists inside your phone’s app system, before the July 28th release of the movie.

Most of the publicity so far for the Sony Pictures film has been for casting Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart as the voice of a “poop” emoji. – reuters

The teaser trailer left a lot to be desired.

The Emoji Movie (2017) Click here to see the Full Cast & Crew

There were complaints from some fans of not enough poo in the teaser trailer. News outlets have been trying to get the low down on poop emoji’s performance.

In his recent comments, T.J. Miller gave us more of an idea about Patrick Stewart’s voice performance in The Emoji Movie. Despite being an emoji of human excrement, he’s not going to be playing a rowdy or dirty character. Instead, the poop emoji will be played with the same class and dry wit as Stewart himself, which is sure to please his many adoring fans. The juxtaposition between the character’s appearance and dry wit is sure to be a highlight of The Emoji Movie, and I can’t wait. – cinemablend


But the new official trailers left a lot to look forward to.

This trailer also includes a special present, with the first look at acclaimed actor Sir Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of “Poop.”

As the award-winning dramatist and veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company said on a recent episode of Have I Got News for You: “I have been preparing for this role for a lifetime.” –


Grown -ups don’t seem to get it, and “Double Toasted” called the movie a “shit show”-

( A shit show, Oh BOY we hope so,  we are pretty excited to see the poop emoji “We’re number 2”)



Some people would rather see a hot knife cut through stuff than watch this movie

Moms and Dads may not be excited but, kids and teens from all over the world love the Emoji and love seeing them in action.  Since there are virtually no other NEW movies coming out for young people this summer, adults may want to start enjoying emoji.


So, send us an emoji to tell us what you think of the movie trailer  will the Emoji movie  be fire emoji or will it be  – Meh?



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