Yes, I Do need this Poo


GoMoji Poop Pillow

I have been searching for a poop beanbag chair for months.

They had them at my Wal-Mart for a few days but they sold out really quickly and before I could get one. 

I found one at a local home decor shop and it was cute AF but it was vinyl. Now,  IDK about you but I don’t want my poop sticking to me. Everyone knows that vinyl will stick to warm skin. I live in the south. Our skin is warm all of the time. I had to pass on that poop.

I’m in luck and so are you. I found my itty bitty beanbag online at GoMoji, an Amazon Store. It is the same brand that I saw at WalMart – YAY!

Poopsie Bean Bag Chair by GoMoji

This cute little poop has a furry cover so it feels soft and cuddly


GoMoji Beanbag chair looks like poo but smells just like you

Everyone who gets one just loves this little poopsie beanbag chair. 

Do you have an Emoji Bean Bag?

Send us a pic of your best bean bag

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